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Isn't that just Office?

It's a little bit more than that, but mostly a name change!

What is Microsoft 365?

It can be confusing when names get changed, when you get used to explaining something, and then it gets a new name without anyone telling you.
The good thing about these kind of changes, is that you can just rely on us to explain to you what is different to before, and how it affects you, it’s our job to make this super simple, and understandable so you can be confident you are always using the correct software for your needs.

We will onboard you over to us and manage this all for you, keeping everything simple and in one place.

At KORTECIT, we offer free, unlimited remote support for your Microsoft 365 account, regardless of whether you purchased your subscription from us or directly from Microsoft. As Silver Partners, we’re able to provide a complete service, from initial setup and migration to ongoing support and future growth. With no hidden fees or catches, simply fill out our contact form today to get started.

If you don’t have a Microsoft 365 account yet, no problem! Fill out the ‘New User’ form below to get started.

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