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Backup, Just Backup.

It's that question again, are you backing up?

Backing your data up is one of the things most people push aside, simply because it doesn’t seem very important, until you need it.
The problem is, that is when you realise you should have been backing up, but it’s often too late.

This is something we really don’t like seeing happen, because it’s just so crucial that you have a backup in place, a disaster recovery plan to cover those ‘what if’ scenarios.

Automated, Scheduled Backups

It’s easy to forget – so we have made it so you do not have to remember! Our Backup client is set to run in the background, allowing you to continue working with the peace of mind your data is being securely backed up to the cloud.

Backup Your Microsoft 365

Our backup effortlessy allows you to safely, securely backup and restore data in Exchange Online, OneDrive and SharePoint, including all files, folders and document libraries.

Is It Secure?

128-bit Secure Sockets Layer Server-Side Encryption (SSE).

128-bit SSL in transit.

256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

256-bit AES at rest.

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